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Vastu Tips for Machines

Vastu tips for machines
Machines are the important equipments in every factory or business house with maximum work load and if their positioning is not considerable then might be it would not give profits and satisfaction. Machines in incorrect direction lead to unwanted mishaps like sudden accidents, improper functioning or regular maintenance etc. Therefore it is essential to suspect Vastu if any of your machinery is not paying you or rendering problems. Some essential tips for machinery are as follows: source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang
  • Machines should be placed according to their weight in such a way that heavier machines go in South-west/South/West direction and lighter North-west/South-east.
  • Vastu for MachinesAvoid placing any kind of machinery in North-east instead keep this place completely vacant and tidy.
  • Machines having with fire-furnaces must be kept in South-east.
  • Material machines making should flow in clockwise.
  • Avoid keeping machines under the beam.
  • While working machines workers must face North/East.
  • Machines should not be placed in the middle/centre or Brahmasthan of the factory.

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