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Vastu tips for gem stones
Gemstones basically work according to one's astrological sign and recommended in Vedic astrology where gemstone is to be worn in order to dispel negative energy. The concept of Vastu gemstone is again a similar to Vedic astrology which believes that wearing an astrological gem as per horoscope will give prosper life and harmony in the living place. The belief among people is that wearing gemstone will fetch them all-around happiness, good luck and successful career.

It is absolutely true in most sense that Vastu gemstone do render positivity to people wearing gemstones in hand finger as they are thought to work on two theories- spectrum effect and radioactive effect. As we know Vastu gemstones are natural stones mined from earth surface due to which they are instilled with amplifying characteristics. Generally they hit fatal energy area that flows around and inside every living organism and consistently affects our emotional & mental preface to stimulate them so as to make our life harmonious. Vastu Gem Stone

Some Vastu gemstones are believed to be so active and stimulative in original sense that if worn on auspicious dates with proper ritual can make a person rags to riches. But one must be conscious while wearing and must consult some expert regarding choosing gemstone according to horoscope. Vastu gemstones are classified as Hot and Cold; Hot gemstones are- Diamond, Cat's Eye, Red coral, Ruby; Cold gemstones are- Pearl, Topaz, Blue sapphire and Gomed.

Before buying Vastu gemstone ensure that it is original that would have a remedial effect because today market is flooded with loads of stones also used in accessory. An original stone is expensive, not polished and doesn't found on every shop in the market as Vastu gemstones are sell exclusively. Original gemstones acquires cosmic energy to stabilize our mind and for progressive success and acts as conductor for negative energy. source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang

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