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Correctly plan your Staircase for Success

Correctly plan your Staircase for Success - Vastu Shastra
Correct staircase at home plays a vital role in Vastu according to which staircase must be constructed with orientation of house and in proper direction with no discrepancy in risers. Vastu has some norms scripted for staircase which must be adhere for successful life and good health of inmates.

  • Vastu stresses to have a staircase in South but never in the North-east quadrant.
  • Acceptable corners of staircase are North-west and South-east.
  • It is also said that orientation of staircase depends on risers. If the master bedroom is constructed on the ground floor then it is recommended to have clockwise ascend while if master bedroom is on the different floor then it must follow clockwise descend.
  • Staircase for SuccessSpiral staircase should be avoided in any case. A Spiral staircase can be immensely troublesome likewise spiral staircase in South-east corner can be all the more problematic for occupants and is never recommended in Vastu.
  • Square or rectangular stairs that bend at the right angle are considered good while risers should adhere to vastu norm as not too high or too steep. Such kind of stairs drains out positive energy from the house.
  • There should be no staircase just outside the main door of the room because it is being said that such defect keep away good luck.
  • Direct Stairs outside the room can make your home accident prone and brings bad luck.
  • Stairs should have no toilet or kitchen below it which is said as main reason for health problem.
  • Staircase should be planned accordingly Vastu to reap the rich benefits of stairs and if stairs are correctly made it brings all happiness and success to the inmates.

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