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Vastu Tips For The Medical Room

Vastu tips for medical room
Just like residential places that affect people residing in it, medical rooms made incorrectly never helps in speedy recovery of patients even if the doctor that is been treated with full dedication. Today due to the scarcity of place residential places are being converted into medical rooms but due to Vastu defects they suffer adverse affects and hardships. A proper Vastu analyze of medical room renders patient speedy recovery for better health and it will include the construction, proper room and entrance of medical room.

A Vastu medical room should be complaint to these following points: source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang
  • A good medical room must be constructed in more than 250 sq feet area.
  • Medical room built in the first storey of a building is always preferable.
  • Entrance of medical room should be made from East or North.
  • Vastu for tips Medical Room
  • Reception is ideal to construct in Eastern or Northern side.
  • Doors and windows of medical room must be face East, North or North-east direction.
  • Parking area of medical room should be constructed in South-east or North-west direction which is apt according to Vastu.
  • Patient's room if any should have opening towards the North-east which helps them to recover speedily.
  • Electrical equipments, generator, machines must be placed in the South-east direction.
  • Medical books or other books kept in the medical room must be placed in South or West direction.
  • Toilet in medical room should be made in North-west only.
We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the medical room. Vastu consultation of medical room involves a thorough analysis.
  • Proper location of the medical room in the house
  • The direction of the Entrance
  • The direction & placement of the windows
  • The direction & placement of the bed of the patient
  • The direction to face while lying
  • The direction & placement of the medicines
  • The direction & placement of AC, cooler, audio systems
  • The direction & placement of the telephone
  • The colour scheme of the room

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