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Greet your elders for Vastu Benefits

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With the increasing trend of nuclear families, joint families are no longer in fashion and every couple wants to live their life separately away from their parents. But they never realize the importance of elders unless they won't get into such situation from where only elders can give a warm helping hand. Recent studies have emerged with an unusual way of improving life and bring prosperity. Vastu says to get wisdom of life maintain good relations with your elders especially married women with their in-laws.

North-west is a zone of air God having instilled with such attributes only and it is believed that unmarried girls must be given this room so that they change place easily. While this place is also assigned for commercial zones particularly to sales & marketing and in residents North-west is ideal for guest room. To need a constant change in business and improvement in goods, keeping finished products here in the North-west is recommended in business houses. Vastu Benefits for greetingVastu also suggests that North-west is effective for Mother-in law to maintain good relations in family.

Though it may seem following such norm in Vastu is nothing but a commercial application however such is not true. North-west adopts attributes of air i.e. speed & change which is constant if something is placed here. Vastu never says to disrespect or denigrate your elders which are against not only religion but humanity as well. To maintain good relations with your in-laws try to be friendly with them on any terms and asks them for stay rather than wishing to leave you early. Burning incense sticks in the house is helpful in creating soothing atmosphere and harmony. Another Vastu tip for maintaining good relations is keeping bottleful of Honey in the South direction is auspicious.

Vastu Shastra


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