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Hello friends!

Today, I have come here to share a highly interesting and unique update with you. Especially for those who believe in Vastu Shastra and follow me, and those who face difficulty in finding new flat / apartment. Those spending huge amount of time searching for Vastu compliant house. Those facing multiple challenges. So this news is especially for those people.

I, and my team, have come up with a unique online Vasu platform where one can search for Vastu compliant apartments, flats in a particular city, locality or a society.

Yes! You heard me right! Uniqueness of this platform is that one will only find Vastu compliant properties. Only those properties which have better Vastu compliance rating based on our algorithm. Suppose one is searching for an apartment in a specific locality, or in a particular project, and is uncertain of what to look for.

Property selections is one of the biggest pain area for Vastu believers. Suppose I decide to purchase a Vastu compliant flat in Gurgaon city, or in a particular locality of that city, where there are numerous project, where shall I go? How many plans & projects should I see? If one decides to take the help of an expert, how many plans shall he/she consults for Vastu compliance? As a Vastu consultant, I receive numerous floor plans from my clients for property selection purpose. On an average I receive 10-15 floor plans, and at times it happens that all get rejected, because they do not turnout to be Vastu compliant.To save your time and from the pain of property selection, we have come up with this unique platform.

A project generally consists of multiple towers and multiple units. This platform with guide with the tower number and unit number of that Vastu compliant unit. It will be that precise! Currently, you might not be able to find projects in your desired city / locality or choice, because lot of work is still under process. But, we plan to cover all cities and their respective projects.

Even if we look from builders perspective, where they have to plan such a huge project, planning each unit as Vastu compliant is very difficulty. There will be issues here & there. But as believers of Vastu Shastra, if we want Vastu compliant house, then we should only choose those flat/apartments which has less Vastu dosh. Where we can easily balance or reduce the Vastu dosh.

The name of the platform is

Currently we are serving projects of Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad. But with all your blessings we will keep adding new projects in various cities. Later, you should be able to find projects in your desired location. So start HUNTING now!

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