Vaastu Shastra

an Encyclopedia on Vastu Shastra

South-East Direction

South-east is also called agneya zone, governed by element fire and most suitable place for kitchen and electrical equipments. South-east is ideal only for kitchen and electrical equipments while the major defect is entrance in South-east. This essential zone should be kept free from any Vastu defect so to maintain inflow of wealth and good health.

South-east direction should only be used for fire related elements such as gas stove, electrical equipments, transformers, generators, invertors, refrigerators and boilers etc. Any defect in South-eastern corner leads to downfall of people in terms of loss of finance, bad health, and fear of theft and threat of fire.

God of Fire
This direction should not have areas like toilet, septic tank and underground water tank. Any extension in South-east is also considered Vastu defect and must be avoided because South direction absorbs harmful sunrays which is not feasible for human beings and makes them prone to diseases. That is why it is recommended to have covered southern entrance or balcony.

Vastu Shastra


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