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South-West Direction

Vastu For South West Facing Houses | Dr. Smita

Vastu tips for south-west facing houses

South-west direction is the conjunction point or corner of West and South direction direction and ideally known as Nairuthi corner or place of Demon. South-west being governed by demon is considered inauspicious direction for construction particular sections as per Vastu. However, this direction needs to be balanced with heavy material or weight in order to balance the energies and to yield good results.

South-west direction has its own significance which makes it best for master bedroom due to its induced dominant and leadership attributes. Owner of house is always given with South-west room so that the person can lead his family well under the control and also this direction grants good decision making power.

South-west should not be extended or left open for future results as south-west is heavy direction which has to be balanced with heavy weight so as to reap good benefits from it. It is considered ideal for storage, dumping heavy stuff, unused machineries and over-head tank. The extension of South-west yields negative results to occupants in the form of bad health, loss of wealth, unnecessary enemies and indulging in escapades etc.

South-west should always be higher than other directions and must not have any important area such as kitchen or dinning room while this corner must be balanced with heavy weight objects.

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