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Vastu Tips for Doors and Windows

Vastu Shastra for doors and windows
Doors and windows bring positive vibes in and out if essentially placed because doors and windows protect or insulate us from the energies around. Before designing and construction of doors and windows today various relative aspects need to be considered while Vastu tells us some basic set of norms that could be applied in bringing up doors and windows.
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  • The number of Doors and windows should be ideally located in East or North.
  • Avoid doors and windows in odd numbers while in even numbers are good. While 10 doors or windows should also be neglected.
  • Vastu for DoorsThe main door should be huge and stronger than other gates.
  • Avoid any type of obstruction in the main gate.
  • Avoid irregular shape in doors and windows.
  • Avoid automatic functioning doors.
  • Doors should be embellished with auspicious decorative items including Om, Swastik, Laxmi and Ganesha pictures.
  • If a house has two gateways then combinations of doors like East with North and west are good; West with North and East are good; South and West/East are not considered as good.
  • Avoid three phase doors in any direction of house.
  • There should not be ten doors in house.
We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of doors and windows. Vastu consultation of doors and windows involves a thorough analysis.

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