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Vastu Tips for Good Behaviour

Vastu Shastra for behaviour
People may feel amaze by listening that a specific direction could be responsible for their erring behaviour! But this is true our behaviour changes with the directions we face during the day to day life. A plot and its particular sections affect our nature and behaviour in distinctive manner. So find out which portion of house effect us in what way around:
  • South-east is governed by Fire; hence it is better to stay away from this place which is only ideal for kitchen. This place should be avoided for living purpose as it tends to make people aggressive and assertive in nature. But if the person is very shy & introvert, lacks confidence, spending some time in this room is going to help a lot.
  • Good BehaviourNorth-west room is ideal for unmarried children especially girls. But when the kids are small, this room should not be given to them as they will not be able to concentrate in studies. The inmates living here will not be stable in the house and will always on the move.
  • North-east is good for uncontrollable children & aggressive people and this place makes them calm discarding all negative characteristics and enhances confidence. It is also good for the people who are in creative fields.
  • Avoid resting children in Southwest as it will make them adamant & arrogant. But being the owner, one must stay in Southwest corner, otherwise the control power will vanish gradually.
  • Persons who are in academic fields should spend more time in East rooms to enhance the knowledge.
  • source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang

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