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Application of Pyramid Healing

Application of Pyramid Healing
Pyramid JewelryMeanwhile many discoveries conducted by scientists around the world have proved that pyramid has natural spiritual healing power that have given life to animals and plants kept under the pyramid constructed structure. Therefore, it is an ancient healing concept that has been practiced by many holistic healers to treat all kinds of ailments including general fatigue, mental depression, anxiety, tension, and even common cold.

The practitioner usually uses his hands to direct the pyramid healing power into the patient's body and he may use a pyramid by holding in his hand and hovers around the body or sometimes gently apply the pyramid over the skin to diagnose the root cause of problem that may be infecting body, mind and soul. People with inquisitive powers and clairvoyant abilities performs healing techniques employing different methods including chanting of mantras over pyramid and playing gentle soothing music to cure the overall cause of ailments that might have its cord attached to soul and mind while focusing their mind in the other direction.

Pyramid healing session also involves wearing of pyramid jewelry or amulet that has engraved pyramid or a pyramid suspended chain around the neck. The pyramid amulet or pendants are usually made of natural factors such as wood, stone or glass because they have been known as best duct of natural energy. This healing therapy requires number of sessions to treat the cause of prevailing ills and effectively treating them. People who have taken the service of practitioners of pyramid healing felt that it is a wonderful healing therapy even western medicine cease to work in front of pyramid healing.

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