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Uses of Pyramid

Use of PyramidPyramids have been used at different places in varied sizes and forms. According to the scientists Pyramids have invasive natural healing power due to which pyramid structure have been preserving mummies under their roof since ages. Any structure that seems like pyramid possess such curative powers and discard negativity making the surrounding overwhelm and peaceful. In recent study traffic police is using pyramids structure at roads to cease the ongoing accidents.
  • Pyramids are used in offices to discard the negative energies in the surrounding and render soothing atmosphere instilled with peace and success.

  • Pyramids are used for fast healing process.

  • Pyramids are being installed in buildings to divert evil energy and making it defect free.

  • Pyramids structure is good for meditation which also enhances concentration and mind power.

  • Pyramids help stimulate the flow of wealth in business.

  • Various things are being placed under the pyramid to charge it which amplifies the positive affect of things.

  • If plants are placed under pyramid structure they would thrive easily under any circumstance.

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