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Blocking East and North Passages can obstruct Finance & Success

locking East and North Passages can obstruct Finance & Success
Factories use random areas for offices, working areas while in this work they unknowingly block positive and life giving sides of plot i.e. East and North. We might have observed that some factories or business well established all of sudden starts facing troubles. Some say reason being mismanagement but can be go beyond and say is it Vastu that has affected a factory and made it facing problems.

Vastu has significant role in our lives and if any problem that may start even after proper management in factory one must suspect Vastu. There are many times when due to excess raw material or finished product is placed in factory premises that come in Eastern or Northern side. No one can realize the consequences of such act of dumping heavy material in East and North which is the main reason for sudden trouble in factory.

Dumping finished or raw material in the Eastern or Northern side is akin to blocking body arteries due to which it is impossible to breathe and live. Thus it is important to clear East and North passages of factory so as to keep the flow of positive energies intact and keeping things in order.

Blocked East and North ways lead to delayed payment, production schedule or rejection of material etc. Blockage of East or North is greatest Vastu dosha in factory which must be suspected before considering it the case of mismanagement. Consult a Vastu expert to reap rich benefits from your factory because changing management is not a solution.

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