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Check North-east for any separation or break in marriage

Check North-east for any separation or break in marriage
Can really Vastu affect married life or lead to break of marriage? The answer comes very often, as it has been observed by many Vastu veterans that couples having bedroom in North-east leads to either divorce or no compatibility among couples. Although some people who have been not much into Vastu belief says some different thought that low compatibility is the reason of upbringing of spouse who might not be able to adapt. But in extreme cases this reason is overlapped by wrong direction in which couples stay.

North-east is known as Ishaan zone which is only suitable for sacred place likewise temple and if this corner is taken by married people then it has adverse affects on their married life. North-east corner should be free from all kind of stuff and if there is any construction, make sure that you don't use it anyways. Adverse Marriage LifeWhen the energy is blocked in North-east then it affects the life of married couple leading to break or divorce and in extreme case there are consecutive miscarriage and even there is a problem in conceiving.

Vastu asserts North-east of property reflects mindset of Vastu Purush or energies prevailing in the dwelling and if it blocked by any other energy North-east gives failures in marriage life.

Vastu Shastra


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