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Bring Energy Balance Elements

Bring Energy Balance Elements Vastu Shastra
To relive the blocked energies, centre of existence need to be balanced for well-being and better life. Our living place consists of five elements space which is the most important of all the five elements.

Air is governing element of North-west corner while fire is assigned the South-east because of its aggressive nature. Water is an element of North-east and earth is assigned with South-west. Likewise human body is crafted frame having an order of five elements called chakras which is balanced by external elements. The elements of living place need to be balanced akin we balance body's elements with external material such as food and meditation.

Vastu Energy Balance Imbalance of elements can be corrected by the most subtle & higher element- space while defects in native place can be balanced or rectified using Vastu tools like wind chimes, energy pyramid and crystals. These Vastu tools helps rectifying negative energies and try subtle the ambience with positive prana. Body prana can be instilled by correcting chakras that are responsible for our day to day functions. In such way external prana of cosmos or dwelling place have to make lively by creating balance with energy elements of Vastu.

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