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Vastu Advice For The Selection Of Flat

Today with the increasing population and pollution explosion, people are seeking for flats and apartments in different places. The segmented apartments with multi-storey floors are what they try to seek in order to get peace and prosperity from the hassle of the metro city. As the problems are increasing flats/apartments are constructed according to Vastu-shastra. However, nothing is considered as perfect so even if the flats are not fully being made with vastu compliance, few things must be taken into account while purchasing any flat. Here are few points which must be examined in a house to be chosen.

An individual house and flat has many things uncommon which is why their Vastu varies in some ways. Flat generally has 2-3 rooms with bathrooms and toilets made improperly at anywhere. One should always consult Vastu expert before choosing a flat because a wrong decision in choosing flat can cost your and family's health and life's investment. There are some rules laid down for flat selection which must be undertaken before hurling out to choose a flat:
  • Flat must be of regular shape such as rectangular or square.
  • The apartment should not fall on the dead end of the road. Any T-point buildings should be avoided.
  • While selecting flat check properly that every room has four corners or walls.
  • There should be more openness in North/East sides as compared to South/West sides.
  • Check that lift should not face the entrance.
  • Study table of children must be kept in Northern or Eastern wall.
  • Flat must have Eastern balcony which is important and auspicious.
  • Kitchen and toilets should not be adjacent in a flat.
  • Balconies should be on the north, east or north- east directions.
  • The master bedrooms should be in the southwest corner of the house.
  • The drawing room should be in northwest, east side of the apartment.
  • The kitchen must be situated in the southeast. The cook should face east while cooking.
  • The kitchen should never fall in Northeast side.
  • The position of the bed should be in such a way that one sleep with head towards South.
  • The bathroom should be constructed in the west or south direction.
  • The toilet should never fall in Northeast side.
  • There should be a place for the worshiping room in the Northeast part.
  • The store room should be constructed in the southern part of the building.
Vastu consultation of selection of flat involves a thorough analysis. We will provide you with the assistance in selection of the best suitable flat. We follow the following steps:
  • Check and determine the directions of the site.
  • Check the soil of the site as it plays a major role in forming the vibrations of that particular site.
  • Try to get a personal feel and touch of the property to observe positive or negative vibrations at the site.
  • Prepare a Vastu analysis chart indicating important aspects and grading of the flat and suggestions.

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