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Vastu Tips for Apartment/Flat

Vastu Shastra for Apartments
In today’s world, purchasing a piece of land is highly difficult as well as expense, hence apartments have become the best alternative. Apartments are also preferred over an independent house because of various types of amenities & facilities available for the residents. Children get the well-maintained parks to play in, swimming pool for all, fitness center for the adults and overall security for all. Due modern architectural designs, it is virtually impossible to find an apartment / flat without any cuts or extensions and according to the principles of Vastu Shastra the cuts & extensions play a vital role. We have tried to put across few points which one should take care of if they are either the selections stage of the apartment or if they are already living in one.

Selection of an Apartment / Flat Before purchasing a flat or apartment some basic things must be considered to make things going right. Vastu recommend some essential tips regarding construction and direction of flat or apartment while if you are interested in existing flat then Vastu offers rules regarding existing flat as well.

NorthEast Entrance
Do not get carried away if you are getting NorthEast entrance flat, it might still not be good. This is the biggest myth people have that if one get a NorthEastern entrance flat then the Vastu of the flat is good, it is not always true. One should still check the location of the kitchen, the toilets, the masterbedroom, the balconies and many more.
The palcement of kithcen
It has been observed that many apartments that have East or North entrances have kitchen right next to it, hence it occupies the North East, one should reject such property. The first preference of kitchen is always SouthEast, then comes the NorthWest. Along with the position of the kitchen, one also has to observe the position of other utility rooms.
The MasterBedroom
We all know by now that the masterbedroom should always be in the SouthWest of the flat. Is there a room in the SouthWest, whether it is a masterbedroom or not? Can it be used by the masters of the family? Think? If you cannot, then reject the property.
Vastu for Apartment/Flat Toilets
According to the current trend appartments generally have more than one toilet, hence there will certainly be one or two toilets which will definately not come in the correct direction. Hence while selection one has to judge where they are coming! It is hard to to judge by a normal person, hence one should always consult an expert.
  • Construct or choose a flat/apartment having entrance in North, East or North-west. Avoid main door in South, South-west or South-east.
  • Avoid purchasing flats with cuts in North-east or South-east direction.
  • Drainage pipes should have their way in West, North or North-west.
  • Slope of balcony should be towards the East or North.
  • Check out the North-east corner of flat as this portion must be converted into worship room or left open.
  • Kitchen should be in the South-east direction.
  • Check or construct over-head tank in South-west and underwater tank in North-east.
No flat or apartment can be completely Vastu compliant as there are many faults and defects in every plot. However these faults whether in a newly buy plot or existing flat can be corrected with measures and remedies.

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