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Structural changes are never a solution!

There are many rigid Vastu books that advice to take up structural changes that may not leave you with any choice. However if everybody begin with reading those stacks of Vastu books available in market, there will be no need of any expertise. We should not think only about structural changes rather it is better to find out the solution as everything in this world have opposite. If there exist good then surely bad will exist and vice-versa. Therefore structural change is never a solution for wrong Vastu or defects in a building.

Following Vastu through a book may disappoint you because such books tend to give only solution of structural change that may not be afforded by every reader. Structural ChangesThe new school of thought in Vastu believes in no Structural change and do not suggest any structural change when there can be remedies of defects.

This is something which every expert or Vastukar know but still they recommend for structural change due to many reasons. But true fact is that Vastu don't suggest structural changes and can even rectify any Vastu defect with Vastu tools which are known for negating defects affectively and efficiently. Structural changes not only cost you high and also give you restlessness. It is ideal to go slowly with the pace and if possible take Vastu expert guidance for better results.

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