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Taj Mahal Vastu analysis

Did you ever think why Taj Mahal is world famous? What makes Taj Mahal a world heritage site? Does Vastu Shastra play any role here? Well the answer is Yes !

Following are the few reasons which makes Taj Mahal a world famous tourist attraction:

1. In the North & North East of Taj Mahal, lies the River Yamuna

2. The river is flowing from west to east

3. The North is lower than the South.

4. There is open space on the East and North

5. The Tomb inside Taj Mahal creates an effect of a hole in the North & North East Direction, making the north lower than south.

6. The Bramsthan is empty for the entire complex

7. As per Vastu Norms the width of a building should equal its height and if we analyse one can see that its length and width are exactly the same as its height

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