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Vastu Tips for Couple's Bedroom

Vastu Shastra for couples bedroom

Vastu Tips for Couple's Bedroom

Couples' bedroom should be such that the ambience affects in strengthening the relationship created out of nuptial bonds. Whether it's a newly married couple or a couple with years of marriage, the eternal ties and healthy relatioinship is highly important. Vastu says to construct bedroom with proper consideration. Bedroom is a hub to unwind stress and carry out different activities of life, and for a couple choosing bedroom in appropriate direction is important for many reasons such as to maintain peace, harmony, happiness, prevent untimely death of spouse, bad health, miscarriage in women, better and early conception and many more.

Ideal Directions for a Couples' Bedroom

The direction of the couples' bedroom is very important and is an important factor in determining their life.

- If the couple is master of the house and is the bread winner of the family, then they must occupy the Southwest bedroom. It helps in nurturing love and understanding between the couple and also enhances the career.

- If the couple is newlywed and living with already elder brother/working parents, then they can take Northwest room. However, a room more towards West will be much better

- Married couples should avoid Northeast bedroom as it causes health issues.

- Couples planning for a baby can use Southeast only for a short period.

The Shape of Couples' Bedroom

The shape plays an important role in Vaastu. It always emphasizes on having four corners of any bedroom you are occupying. An introduction to fifth corner will start giving health problems to inmates.

The Beam

The concrete beam, any artificial beam or any other light beam created by POP should never run through the head or any part of the bed as it will give major health ailments to the inmates.

The bed in Couples' Bedroom

The bed should always be placed on the Southwest wall of the room, regardless of the direction.

The inmates should sleep with head towards South, Southeast, Southwest, East or West in order of preference.

Sleeping the head towards North and Northeast will result in serious psychological issues and sleep disorders.

The bed should be wooden and wrought iron beds should be avoided.

The bed should not fall in front of the bedroom door

The colours in Couples' Bedroom

Colours can change your mood from happy to gloomy, from tired to active and lot more. The colours of the bedroom should be as follows:

Southwest/South/West room : Light shade of brown/fawn colours

Southeast: Pink colour

East: White/Blue colour

North: Green

Northeast: Yellow

Please note that you must use light colours on the wall. If you have or want to use some other colours, no worries, you can use respective colours in furnishings, paintings.

Doors & Windows

If you have a balcony, make sure you do not put your bed on that wall.

One must not have window above the bed

If there are East/North balconies, one must use thin and light colour curtains.

If there is South/West balcony/door, keep it closed in evening hours.

Put dark and thick curtain on it.

The bed should open to ninety degrees

No hinge of the door should make noise.

The mirrors in Couples' Bedroom

Ideally, there should be no exposed mirror in the bedroom. If you have, cover it with paper or cloth.

However, if you want to use, put it on North/East wall, covered when not in use.

The bed should not reflect the bed.

The TV in the room also acts like mirror, so cover it when not in use.

The Photographs

The photos of couples should be placed on East wall.

Make sure you do not hang anything heavy above the bed

The valuables

One of the places of keeping valuables in the house is the master bedroom. If the master bedroom is in SW, keeping a locker in SW facing North, is the best.

If it is in North/ NE/East, put it in North

If it is in Southeast, put it in North or Southeast corner.
source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang

The Symptoms for Vastu Dosh in Couples' Bedroom

  • Going through divorce
  • Disturbed married life
  • Having relationship problems with your spouce


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