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Vastu Tips for Home Interiors

Vastu tips for home interiors
Every nip and tip of our house is instructed accordingly in Vastu to let the peace rest in the house and for the well-being of inmates residing. Vastu frames every physical feature for us ensuring its position, location and direction as per presiding deity. Every feature should be managed with direction to negate the harmful energy and instill positivity. Vastu Shastra is a phenomenon based on divine and cosmic energies that decide the whereabouts and relative reasons behind locating specific place in particular direction.

As we know there are eight directions allotted to presiding deity and we are instructed to locate our mansion with its features on such basis only. Every corresponding direction has governing God and element and which is why occupants are told to construct their particular section of house in that allotted place only so as to attain all-round progress and peace.

Vastu for Interiors Keeping things in accordance and direction makes things go well in every house explore more and read out some general tips to keep up with Vastu directions:

  • North-east is holy place and must be kept clean and clutter free. This place is ideal to construct worship place and if not possible then put a water source here in the corner, better to put flowing water than stagnant water.
  • North is ideal for study room, reception area and office.
  • East is again apt for reception place, bathroom excluding WC and living room.
  • South-east is the place of fire so this direction for kitchen.
  • South-west is suitable for master bedroom or owner's room.
  • North-east is good for under-water tank as being a sacred place this place should be kept clean and light to maintain the flow of positive energy.
  • South-west is ideal for over-head tank as being the heaviest place, this place need to be balanced with heavy things.
  • North-west area is good for unmarried girls and guests.
  • Finance is the corner for South-west, so keep all your valuables and cash in this place but make sure the closet opens towards North.

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