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Vastu Internal Arrangements

Vastu for internal arrangements
Vastu for internal arrangements is essential to sustain peace, prosperity and happiness in family and relationships. Internal arrangement doesn't mean arranging things but keeping everything at its position according to Vastu. Vastu for internal arrangement involves designing and placing things at proper place so that living den becomes peaceful and Vastu complaint place.

While deciding the Vastu for internal arrangement, it has to be noted that all the items you bring and place should be according to Vastu in order to balance the energies. Correct placement of things help balancing energies and render a peaceful and prosperous house. Vastu tips for internal arrangements are:
  • Heavy furnishings and other material should be located in Southern or Western part of house.
  • Storage or console should always be located in South or West wall. Avoid North and Eastern walls for any kind of storage.
  • TV and other electronic items should be positioned in Eastern or Northern wall so that whenever people sit for watching tv, they face North or East.
  • Always place dinning table in East or North so that while you eat face East or North.
  • Crystal items must be kept in North or East and avoid South or West.
  • Heavy artifacts or other decorating items must be designed on Southern or Western walls.
  • source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang

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