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Vastu to Trigger down Children Stress

Vastu tips for child stress
Do you often find your children panicking and stressed due to studies or ensuing exams? This is not the case with one or two children but sadly with every child now days and you may say this is just due to peer pressure of studies. However if we point out from different perception then vastu says 'stress' is the root cause of wrong study location.

Today most of the children including young teens to adult, all are suffering from anxiety, stress and nervousness with low or poor concentration. You might have heard often saying them 'they can't remember things for longer time'. Such is the case of Vastu defects in children's room where position of study table, studying position, sleeping position etc matters a lot.

Trigger Down Children Stress Let your child study without fear and stress during ensuing exam with some of the bright Vastu tips which not only make him/her fearless to write paper confidently but even enhance concentration to excel in academics. Explore some ideal Vastu tips for students to reduce stress, tension and enhancing concentration:
  • Children should be given North/ East or West rooms.
  • The childeren should sleep with your head towards South or East. Avoid sleeping with head towards West or North.
  • Always study facing North or East.
  • Do not clutter your study table with junk material or irrelevant books. Keep it clean to let positive energy around you.
  • Keep some water source in North-east such as fish aquarium or water fountain.
  • Always keep a glass full of water in front of the study table while studying as it helps increasing concentration.
  • Pendulum clocks on North wall also increases concentration.
  • The shape of the study table should be regular in shape.
  • The study table should not be sticking to the wall. Leave a space of at least 3 inches between wall & table.
  • Avoid placing overhead storages above the study table.
  • Avoid any kind of electronices in a children room. If they are present, try to switch them off from the main switch when not in use.
  • Place any object of sunflower yellow colour, it increases overall grasping power & intelligence.

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