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Affects of North-East Facing Site

Affects of North-East Facing Site
North-east corner is an integral and significant part of building which is kept sacred for constructing temple and if constraint from space this portion can be left open. But this corner is important to be present in the plot and ensure that there is no cut in North-east corner when selecting a site. Development of over-all place & inmates, growth, success and health relies on North-eastern part of site which is an essence.

Plots facing North-east direction prospers in all-way but the only thing to remember is that being a sacred corner also called Eshan corner is a place of God and it must be kept clean and tidy. Lord Eshan governs North-east corner and responsible for women health, wealth, children, success and education. To get the maximum benefits North-east corner must be spare open and without keeping any heavy material.

Affects of North-East Site
  • People residing in such a plot are law abiding, matured, successful, well versed and educated.
  • North-east direction blesses people with good education, wealth, special interests in creativity, fine arts, occult science and research work.
  • Being a sacred or holy place of God this place is ideally kept for making temple or worship room but if some sites face North-east then ensure that you don't keep any junk material over here. Keep it clean and open so that energies get a flow here to move around.
  • To lead happy and prosperous life North-east corner should be kept away from heavy objects and construction of any section such stairs, kitchen etc.

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