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Affects of South Facing Sites

Affects of South Facing Sites
South is another unfavourable direction for Vastu Purusha but if effectively used gives away health, wealth and all-round prosperity while if not used properly would give undesirable results to the inmates. Lord Yama- god of death governs this direction who is also responsible for wealth and health but keeps everything accord with virtue. People staying in South facing houses prosper only if their construction is complaint with Vastu norms embedded for South direction.

Any extension in Southern portion is not consider auspicious and can lead to unwanted consequences in building. To avoid misfortunes and misdeeds it is better to place or construct everything in accord to Vastu so that South facing house bring riches and prosperity. Generally people inherit attributes of Southern direction to live out the life with strong determination and vigour and can do things without being least reluctant.

  • South Facing SitePeople living in South direction sites are firm in their decisions, have vigour and are determine in life. They are intensely strong, possess firm willpower and can establish themselves from the scratch.
  • Women living in Southern facing houses are more leading than their counterparts and don't allow others to dominate them. They may be aggressive and strong by nature which is the inherited attribute of fire (South-east).
  • South-east is best suitable for kitchen and South-west corner is ideal for dumping stuff, over-head water tank and storage room.
  • Avoid any under-water or septic tank in Southern area, as it will lead to mishaps and loss of wealth.
  • South-west portion is ideal for master bedroom which must be conquered by owner of house.
  • No open space should be left in South for instance in South facing houses no open balcony should be constructed rather Northern part is ideal for open balcony.
  • Properly analyze that there should be no pit or extension in Southern direction as it will lead to harmful affects for inmates.

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