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Vastu Tips for T-Point houses

T-point house are generally considered inauspicious as per Vastu Shastra and they are called Vedhi Shool in Vastu. A road that runs to the face of a plot is known as T-point and precisely Vedhi refers to the road and shool means spear, thus the meaning comes out to be spearing road. Such road is not good that run straight into the face of the house and Vastu recommends avoiding such plots while in existing houses with having T-point road Vastu rectifies the defects.

T-point is a major Vastu flaw in a plot and it has been observed in many cases that t-point house do not prosper & flourish. Road that run straight into the face of house are considered obstruction and symbolize as spear that obstructs the good fortune of house. Effects of T-PointAccording to Vastu there are eight types of T-points out of which four are better and rest are worst.

Vastu says all t-point plots are not bad and inauspicious, they can be considered on the basis of their placement in proper direction as some directions can have T-point roads. T-point on one side of plot can be considered by determining the right direction. On other way round, plot having T-point on the two sides is never recommended in Vastu and is said to be worst for occupants.

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