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Vastu Perfection Is Impossible But Small Changes Help In Big Way

Vastu Shastra
Paucity of space and constrain in finance are some of the reasons which deter most of us from buying a Vastu complaint flat or house in metros. Not every house today constructed is Vastu friendly except handfuls but that doesn't mean you should stop residing in them. Not everything in this world can be made according to Vastu norms yet we can only make initiative with the help of changes being done on such place.

If Vastu has some rigid rules then Vastu also gives away potent remedies that are useful for people. Acquiring an ideal house is akin to acquire ideal world which is impossible as all goodness doesn't exists on this earth and if there is good then there is bad too. It is better try to make the things smooth to get good results from what you have presently. In a similar way defected house can't be discarded and for such Vastu tells some changes so that blocked 'Prana' or energy gets converted into positive.

The effective way to instill positive energy is through making some changes like:
  • Hanging wooden wind chime in the opposite direction of the main door, for instance if the main door is in North hang chime in South.
  • Likewise wind chime, keeping fresh flowers can also be placed or hanged as they are best enhancers.
  • Auspicious and holy symbols of OM, Swastika, or simply draw them or carved on the door to make the place lively and pleasing.
  • On special occasions colourful rangoli is recommended in Vastu that can be prepared near the main entrance to attract positive energy. source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang

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