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'B' grade plot is said to be constructed with some flaws but more with Vastu norms and some defects can be ignored while others can be rectified. Here are features of B grade plot which is also called as Good:

  • Entrance in B grade or Good plot is to be in North which is the second ideal option for front door and is good for house.
  • Underwater tank is placed in North-eastern side.
  • Alternative for garage in this type of plot is North-western side.
  • Balcony is ideal towards the North.
  • Living room is best in North-west with the arrangement of sitting facing East.
  • East is best for pooja room after North-east corner.
  • Master bedroom in the South-west is best in a plot.
  • Kitchen in B grade plot is towards South-east only.
  • Toilets can have there place in North-west as well in Good plot.
  • Over-head tank is always placed in South-west only.
'B' Grade Plot

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