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Vastu Tips for Home Office / Work from home Vastu Tips

Vastu tips for home
Vastu for Home >> Bathroom : Bedroom : Dining Room : Drawing : Kitchen : Kids Room : Pooja Room In today’s world work from home has become a necessity. Due to various reasons employees are being asked to work from home. There are many positives and negatives of work from home, so what can one do to improve their performance. In the following video find various Vastu tips that can enhance the productivity of an individual when working from home.

Vastu Video Tips

Vastu Tips For Home Office / Work From Home Vastu Tips | Dr. Smita
Vastu Shastra Tips for home office

Script (Subtitles) of the Video in English
  • Home office is a necessity these days
  • In the current scenario, where we have to work from home, we still do not know for how long we will have to work like this
  • So, what should be done so that our productivity does not get affected
  • Or the output that you deliver from home should be same as that from your office
  • This is a time where one has to work from home
  • There generally various types of distractions & distractive energies while working from home
  • How shall we create such a work environment so that these energies do not distract us, our work
  • First, we will talk about directions
  • Ideally Vastu Suggests that our home energies and our working energies should be different
  • But we have to create such an environment so that our efficiency is improved
  • First let’s start with directions
  • Check if you have any SouthWesten, Southern or Western room which can be used for offices, is considered good according to Vastu Shastra
  • But generally there is a master bedroom in the SouthWest, then what shall we do?
  • Working from the bed in the master bedroom is not a good idea
  • One should never work from his/her bed in the bedroom, it should be avoided otherwise it affects the sleep pattern as well
  • If one is lucky then there might be a room on the South or West from where one can work
  • If not, then look for some space on the passage, near the bed, or near the door, where you can place a table and arrange it as an office space
  • If not, then try searching for a room in the North or East where you can setup your office
  • Ideally NorthEast rooms should be avoided
  • But, if you have some space in the NorthEast where there is space or pooja room, you can make it your office space
  • Place your table in the SouthWest portion of that room and work from there
  • NorthEastern rooms are ideally very good for people in the creative field, designers, writers or accountants.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, then you should try to occupy Southern, Western or SouthWestern room only
  • Let's now talk about the facing directions
  • No matter where you sit, either SouthWest or NorthEast, you should face North, East, or NorthEast.
  • There is one placement direction one should always avoid, the NorthWest
  • If you occupy a NorthWestern room, then you will notice that you would not feel like working, you will not concentrate & deliver
  • One would feel that they have sufficient time, but the productivity is low
  • The mind is not stable; and it will never happen as well because NorthWestern rooms are not meant for work
  • If one gets SouthEastern room, they can still use this room to make the home office
  • Now I will give some small tips with the help of which you can improve the concentration energies
  • No matter where you work, ensure there are no unwanted papers, pens, or non-workable pens. Always discard non-working pens.
  • These produce negative energies, and hamper with the working energies
  • Suppose you are working on a dining table, then ensure it should not have a glass
  • The reflection from glass produces negative energies that hamper your work
  • If it has a glass top, then cover it with some material e.g. bedsheet, cloth, paper, newspaper etc. anything that you can use from home
  • Ensure you do not work with a glass tabletop
  • The sitting chair is very important
  • Ensure the chair is upright and high back; but if you do not have no problem, use the chair with low back
  • But, ensure the chair that you use should not be perforated, i.e. air should not pass through
  • One important point always sit with a solid wall at the back. Never sit in front a door, in front of a balcony door or in front of any window
  • If you have a water fountain, then place it in the NorthEast of the room
  • If you do not have, then can place any water bottle, glass of water or a water jug in the NorthEast of the room
  • If you have a small lamp at home, then place it in the SouthEast of that room and light it.
  • A well light SouthEast corner gives a strong working energies
  • Follow these tips and see how your output & productivity enhances even from home.
  • source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang
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