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Vastu Tips for Open Patio/Verandah

Vastu tips for open patio / verandah
An open space to idealize the leisure time with family and friends is mainly called patio or Verandah. Open space is very ideal for house but with the increasing trends and short of space people avoid verandahs. However this place is important from radical and scientific point of view and both are important elements in Vastu. According to Vastu, verandah is important in every house because open space invite morning sunlight which is essential for health and wellbeing.

Some ideal positions to have open patio/verandah and relative norms are as follows: source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang
  • Ideal place for verandah is North or East because scientifically morning sunlight which is food for human beings is important and east is the source of sunlight, thus this direction is best for open patio/verandah.
  • North and East direction should be dealt with minimal things and avoid placing heavy furniture or other things in these corners because sunlight stream here to light up. All the heavy things should be placed in South-west.
  • Plants in verandah should be grown in North-east as this corner receives constant sunlight which is essential for plants to thrive.
  • Do not cut or round the corners of verandah.
  • Keep the height of verandah less than main roof of home.
  • Ideally a verandah either should be open or if roof is made then it should be cemented rather than tin.
  • Keep maximum windows in verandah or open patio to allow the natural light and air pass through the house to refresh.

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