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Vastu Tips for Peace of Mind

Vastu tips for peace of mind
Peace of mind has lost by most homeowners because of negative energies and sleeping direction which makes an important factor for losing peace of mind. Sleeping position of people is utmost significant because this is the position in which we spend our 8-10 hours. Our bed surrounds with energies and if a person sleeping on it faces wrong direction then he/she has to encounter undesirable results effecting their health and peace of mind.

Vastu for Peace of MindThe position of our sleeping bed is primary concern in incurring better peace of mind because this place provides us strength and enhance decision making power. We usually spend maximum time on our bed and if this place is not favourable would affect all round peace and health. Therefore it is advisable to check your sleeping position to get back the power of peace and decision.
  • Always sleep with head towards South or East and avoid head towards North or West.
  • Elderly people, retired people and owner of house must takeover South-west position for sleeping in order to maintain peace of mind.
  • Unmarried girls should takeover North-west position for sleeping and South-west direction is prohibited as it tends to make them stubborn.

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