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Vastu Tips for Study Table

Vastu tips for study room
Study table is an integral part of children room and it should confirm to Vastu set of rules for better concentration and focus. Study table forms important part of children's room and studies because all the studies are being done on it due to which it become all the more essential to choose this furnishing piece with utmost care & caution. Study table, according to Vastu should confirm some basic rules pertaining to its shape, orientation, structure and placement.

Vastu recommends tips for study table to keep up the studies and concentration: source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang
  • Study should face East or North direction while ensure that there is no dead in front of study table.
  • Do not keep study table against the wall, there should be atleast 3 inches distance in wall and study table.
  • Study TablePlacement of study table is important factor that contributes in boosting up concentration of children. So ideally study should be placed facing East or North that the children also face this direction only while studying.
  • Study table should be regular in shape especially the working desk, it has to be square or rectangle. Avoid oval, round or other shape study tables.
  • Ensure that there is no glass incorporated in the study table to reflect the person sitting on it.
  • Size of the study table should not be too large or too short.
  • If the placement of the study table is facing East then it is advisable to keep light or lamp in South-east, while if study table faces North then North-west is appropriate.

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