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Every living and non-living thing on this cosmos gives out energy effecting the lives in different ways. Science of architecture which is precisely called Vastu-Shastra gives away norms of placement for everything relative to this earth.

Furniture is important embellishment in our homes that makes the appearance of living place lively and comfortable. However proper orientation and direction for the placement of furniture is another important aspect in order to make the energies flow in sway to harmonize the environment. Placement of chairs, sofa, table and other things should be in accordance with the Vastu principles so that it benefits the people residing in home.

Vastu guidelines for furniture placement are as follows:
Know about Vastu Furniture
  • Furniture should be ideally placed in West or South direction.
  • Avoid irregular shapes in furniture such as oval, triangular or circle. Best shapes to be chosen in furniture are square or rectangle.
  • Always keep furniture away from the wall with the distance of 3 inches so that the positive energy flows properly without obstruction.
  • Keep away the clutter from near the furniture.
  • Bed in the room should be placed in South-west direction.
  • Dinning table should be placed in North-west position of the kitchen or living room.
  • Study table should be kept in East or North.
  • source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang

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