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Problems conceiving a baby? Miscarriage? What can cause problems getting pregnant?

Vastu remedies for pregnancy problems

Vastu Video : Vastu Tips for Pregnancy Problems

Vastu Tips for Pregnancy issues

How to know whether wrong Vastu is obstructing a female from becoming pregnant?

  • Are you facing problems conceiving a baby?
  • Faced one or more miscarriages?
  • Undergone one or more IVF (In vitro fertilization) treatment but still did not conceive?
  • Facing Ovulation problems


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An Overview

Most women are unaware that if their house is not compliant according to Vastu Shastra then they might never be able to conceive a baby or even if they do then there can be many complications that might result into termination of pregnancy.

It has been observed that many women who have gone through multiple IVF (In vitro fertilization) failures eventually conceived naturally after following proper Vastu remedies.

How to know if the conception problem is because of Vastu defects?
  • Check if the kitchen of the house/apartment is coming in the North East Direction
  • Whether there is any toilet in the North East direction of the house
  • Female who is planning to conceive staying in the North Eastern Bedroom
  • Any kind of heaviness in the Bhrmasthaan (Center of the house)
There can be various symptoms, but if any of the above is true then unfortunately conception might be very difficult. It is highly recommended that one should get the Vastu of the house checked and corrected urgently.

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