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Vastu tips can help women to deliver healthy baby

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Vastu Tips for Pregnancy issues

Vastu lays down norms for pregnant women so that they can deliver healthy baby and there is no problem during delivery. Vastu Purusha blesses people throughout the life and during pregnancy it becomes all the more important to follow Vastu tips so that bearing child does not perceive negative energy from Vastu defected area. Mothers should be vigilant during pregnancy as where to sit and what to wear because there can be problem in pregnancy if Vastu of house is not correct. While there can also be problems in conception due to Vastu defects.

Important rooms like bedroom and other most used rooms of house must be in accordance with Vastu to ensure conception and healthy baby. Some exclusive Vastu tips for pregnant women and women trying to conceive are as follows:

Vastu tips for deliver healthy baby
  • Women trying to get married must take North-west room as this direction is governed by air and have attributes like change. While elements of air including henna plant, fresh flowers, wind chime can be placed in room to enhance the chance of early marriage.
  • Women trying to conceive must board western side of house which is referred as functional and favourable room for couples. Even newly wed couples can take Western room which is considered most favourable.
  • Staying in vibrant environment is important for pregnant women and keeping fresh flowers in the rooms including bedroom and dinning room is important and helpful. It is also said that if you are expecting daughter, then keep the flowers on West side or wall of room.
  • Always sleep on the left side of husband and while stepping down from the bed keep right foot first on the land.
  • Avoid wearing dark and lustrous colours during pregnancy such as black, dark red, orange etc. Such colours are indicative of lunar and solar currents.
  • Pregnant women should only wear subtle and light colours including green, blue, white and yellow.
  • Do not sit in dark and bleak rooms, their must be some light in rooms your sit.
  • Try to read influencing and motivational books including ancient holy texts.

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