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Check your Directions for less expenditure and more earnings

Check your direction Vastu Shastra
Do you spend more than your earnings? If such is the case then you must suspect Vastu in the house because directions in which you place heavy material are important to analyze which decides your expenses. Heavy material is never recommended in certain zones of house because they tend to sink money in irrelevant expenses. To save more what you earn, there is a need to examine some of home directions which are not apt for keeping weight such as East and North-east zone.

  • Ideal place for keeping heavy weight is South-west zone of house being the heavy zone it needs to be balanced by heavy material.
  • An alternative for dumping heavy stuff can be South-east zone.
  • North-west and South-west are again good options for keeping weight and to sink down your expenditure. This direction is believed to be ideal for keeping heavy stuff especially for people in politics and employees.
  • Direction for more earningNorth-east and North-west zones must not be chosen for dumping heavy material and this area should have minimal things kept.
  • Keep North-east and East blocks must be kept free from any kind of material rather this zone should be empty & open so as to trigger down your expenditure gradually.

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