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Purchase Your Property After Checking its History

Do you often check the history of property before its purchase? Not many of us, but is it really important to find out historical facts about the property you are about to get? Yes, according to Vastu checking the reason behind sale of property- house or office is necessary to find out the life of people led by previous occupant. It is believed in Vastu, if previous owner led a life of ill fate then chances are higher that you may lead the similar fate in future.

Therefore, it is recommended to check every small history related to property you are about to buy for any purpose because houses sold under distress or other reason are inauspicious. 'Check property before purchasing
  • Many people generally sell their plot due to sudden mishap in their life such as bankruptcy, death, suicide, persistent sickness or other mishappenings.
  • Such kind of plots are not considered auspicious as Vastu says, these plots are instilled with negative vibrations and energies that even make life of new owner miserable.
  • Buying a new plot is always considered ideal option according to Vastu, yet for any reason existing property is being purchased it is important to find out whether the house offered for sale is unpleasant for previous owner.
  • However, if history is displeasing then you needs to nullify negative vibrations through Vastu remedies and Yantras.
  • Vastu tools like Yantra, energy plate and pyramid help in discarding ill energies already instilled in house while performing Hawan according to dictum is highly recommended.

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