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Significance of vibrations in our life

Everything has good and bad vibes that can be felt just by a feel or view. We can easily discern the vibrations are positive or negative after seeing or feel a person or place. It happens with most of us that when we visits some strange place, if it excites us it has positive vibrations and if not then negative.

Quantum theory also concludes that, everything on this earth has vibration that constantly determines our well-being which we receive from our surroundings either from place, object or person. According to Vastu positive or negative vibrations have a potent affect on human being while positive harmonize our life and premise on the other side negative vibes create havoc in life.

Every existing thing living or non-living has been seen with some vibrations that influence human mind either in positive or negative way. If there is negative energy around then people may feel displeasure, irritation and frustration. These diffused vibrations have a significant role in our life as they inform us which place or person is compatible and ideal to deal with.

Sometimes our own place seems to have negativity and we feel this is a short phase that may end soon. However, over the time such negativity surpass but if don't, then Vastu suggests to place a copper wire across the entrance and exit gate. Copper wire brings positive energy inside thereby dispensing the negative vibrations and you will feel rejuvenated.

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