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Vastu Tips for Harmony

Vastu for Harmony
Vastu science enables human being to dwell in an environment which corresponds to them to bring overall contentment. The principles of Vastu are followed in such a way that it makes the surrounding in harmony with every thing around to get all wisdom and happiness. To say precisely Vastu brings peace, prosperity and harmony in a living place.

We feel much better when our environment is in tune with nature but as soon as the equilibrium imbalances, it practically affects human beings in every way. A place can be in harmony only if it is tolerant and Vastu compliant with our nature. Thus Vastu is all about balancing the energies around environment; we certainly get a new harmonious place which renders us good health, wealth and peace.

Vastu for Harmony To keep the balance of energies in home and environment for harmony Vastu tells some useful tips which can be consider: source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang
  • Try to create balance with nature and use only paper bags made from recyclable material.
  • Burn Camphor in house and spread its fume all over the place to negate the negativity.
  • Avoid over-head tank in North-east while here under-water tank are preferable.
  • Retired owner or head of house should be given South-west corner to keep the relationship of parents and children happy.
  • Keep your house clutter free and tint your place with cheerful light colour.
  • Keep some source of water in North-east while flowing is better than stagnant water in this corner.

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