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Neglecting Defective Window Panes Can Be Unlucky

Broken Window Vastu Shastra
Defective window panes should never be neglected anyway as a minor defect can blow away contentment of occupants. The left part of window represents female progeny of family and any dent including falling off of paint or wearing-tearing of windows and broken glass on window are the signs of female ill-health. Similarly, right side of window represents male members and any defect in window indicates disturbance in male mind and hardships in their life.
  • Apparently any defect in window must be fixed immediately it is found as window defects indicates undesirable affects on members of family.
  • Generally the affects that have been observed among men and women due to cracked or chipped windows in house are: restlessness, ill-health, stress, discontentment and hardships etc.
  • Defective Window PanesDefects on window if detected on time could cease the undesirable affects of it on family members and will help in bringing up domestic harmony.
  • Immediate affect should be given to defected window panes so as to improve condition & situation that may get terrible due to neglected defected windows.
  • While it is also said that cracks that develops on the barrier or porch of entrance door causing the paint or plaster to chirp, indicates family member may entangle in legal matters.
  • Falling plaster on the barrier of Entrance door perhaps indicates member will involve in legal conspiracy and may get a bad name.
  • Window panes should be beautified or well painted as soon as they develop any defect or glass of window pane break down.
  • Good affects can be seen with good fortune and harmony all around. To come out of legal matters a bottle of honey can be placed towards the South-east corner.

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