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Ward Off Negative Energy With Blue Curtains

To energize the surroundings it is advisable to make use of energy tools because sometimes extended or cut off directions produce negativity around us. We must also balance solar and lunar energies at home and office that is been produced by afternoon sunrays. Generally it is recommended to have predominance of solar currents but excess could be harmful.

Solar currents are perceived in the form of infrared rays during the late afternoon that usually comes from South and West. These infrared rays are harmful and can create disharmony including flared tempers and impatience. Although some brightness is required at homes and offices but too much of late afternoon sunlight is harmful for people.

Advantages of Blue Colour Disharmony created by solar energy in the form of infrared rays generally has ill affect on people of home and office such as quarrelsome behaviour, impatience, indecisive, poor performance, health problem, poor attendance and stress. This should be fixed with care so that negative energy produced by evening sunlight does not penetrate in the room.
  • Blue colour is good absorber of negative energies and Vastu advice to place blue curtains in the South and Western windows so that solar rays do not enter to create disharmony.
  • Alternative is to use blue Venetian blinds to screen off infrared rays and keeping the ambience of room soothing & cool.
  • Hanging round mirrors or crystal ball is another easy option to negate negative energy and make surroundings pleasing.

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