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Entrance Says Many Things About Owner!

House Entrance Vastu Shastra
Entrance of a house predicts many a things about the occupants in the house in terms of nature and especially health. Having kitchen right in the entrance is a major flaw in the house and in such cases focus on food is very intense. Kitchen right in front of entrance either on left or right side is problematic for house mates and there is a probability of lethargy, frequent health and stomach problems is quite high. Even a visible kitchen with exposed gas stove is again puts occupants in the same condition of problem.
  • Modern experts do not always recommend shifting but suggest a practical solution to use a door closer that hides the gas stove from the direct vision in front of entrance.
  • Vastu Entrance TipsBedroom near the entrance again brings bad luck for owner or patient if any because in such case goof fortune stuck at outside at the entrance making it hard for patient to recover easily. Therefore bedroom just near the entrance must be avoided to maintain good health recovery.
  • Owner or ailing person should stay in the room far away from main entrance door. If the problems persist then negative energy can be discarded by using a bowl filled of salt water while to purify aura of ailing person light a candle in the room.
  • The front door of house and things projected through the door speaks many things about the house condition and wealth. For instance, an entrance door adorned with innovative things tells about the rich heritage of ancestor's who might have enjoyed good fortunes.
  • Entrance door that is in bad condition says nothing much about the house fortune and further can't be expected much from such house.
  • Master bedroom if found near the entrance manifests great fortunes for master via female resources and they would also get good wealth through secret sources.

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