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Vastu segment plots into different types of grades to represent Excellent, Good, Average and Bad plot. There are four grades in a Vastu plot according to which every site is addressed:

Grade A plot: Excellent
'A' grade plot is also called excellent plot which conforms entirely with Vastu norms while minor Vastu defect or dosh is negligible. Excellent plot is said to have everything on its place and in right direction.

Grade B plot: Good
'B' grade plot is said to be constructed with some flaws but more with Vastu norms and some defects can be ignored while others can be rectified.

Grade C plot: Average
'C' grade plot is also named as Average because in this type of plot there are some Vastu defects in terms of location and placement of different section of house in wrong direction.

Grade D plot: Bad
D grade plot is considered as worst plot according to Vastu and must be given Vastu treatment by rectifying the defects as soon as they are determined.

Vastu Tips for Plot Selection
If you are planning to purchase a new plot/land, then do watch the important Vastu tips on Plot selectoin.

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