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'A' grade plot is also called excellent plot which conforms entirely with Vastu norms while minor Vastu defect or dosh is negligible. Excellent plot is said to have everything on its place and in right direction. Here are the points that represent features of an excellent plot:

'A' Grade Plot
  • Entrance in A grade plot is towards the East as it is reported as ideal entrance as per Vastu.
  • Underground water tank is placed in North-east.
  • Worship or pooja room in placed in North-east.
  • Living room of excellent plot is located in North-west.
  • Septic tank is directed in exteriors of North-west side.
  • Toilets in excellent plot are towards the Western side.
  • Kitchen is ideally placed in South-east with cooking in proper South-east corner facing east and having adjacent hall as dining room.
  • South-west is proposed as master bedroom.
  • Garage in A grade plot is placed in South-east.
  • Over-head tank is placed in South-west corner.

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