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Vastu for 'D' Grade Plot

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'D' grade plot is considered as worst plot according to Vastu and must be given Vastu treatment by rectifying the defects as soon as they are determined. Here are some features of bad plot with Vastu defects and dosh:

'D' Grade Plot
  • Plot having kitchen in North-east corner is considered as worst plot and comes under the category D.
  • Such plots generally have their entrance from South-west corner which is extremely bad and inauspicious.
  • Dining room in this plot is placed in North-west.
  • Pooja room is located in Western side.
  • Toilet is placed just adjacent to kitchen in North-east direction which is not only bad but worst.
  • Living room in such is plot located in South facing North.
  • Stairs in grade D plot is located in North-eastern corner.
  • Master bedroom is positioned in South-east.
  • In some extreme worst plots stairs also come over the toilet especially WC which is the root cause for most problems in house.

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