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Spacing Between Sink and Stove is Mandatory

A kitchen is best placed in South-east corner of house because symbolically fire has triangle shape and governs South-east quadrant. Kitchen is an important part of house that must be situated at its ideal place because wrong position of Fire can disturb family members in most critical way. While with the placement of Kitchen there is also significance of position of sink and gas stove while spacing between them is mandatory to sustain well-being of house.

There is a direct link between position of sink and cooking range because incorrect location of both can hamper efficiency of people and their health especially women. The ideal situation for sink is said to be North-east, for gas stove towards the South-east and for refrigerator towards the South-west. This is the most efficient and ideal triangular position for Fire and Water elements in the kitchen.

Vastu for Kitchen Parts Many times above said three elements are being placed in straight line, it is only acceptable if the sink and gas stove are placed at maximum proximity as both the element if placed together can create undue friction within the family. Therefore Vastu recommends for a good gap between the sink i.e. Water element and gas stove i.e. Fire element. Separation of both the element is important to nullify undue effects that may ponder upon gradually.

Increasing the gap between sink and stove is essential while in case if it is not possible then Vastu suggests blocking the region between both the functional parts by using wooden plank, curtain or glass. Indeed any of the material especially wooden plank is best to install to create a natural gap between both.

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