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Effects of Making Food in Wrong Direction

According to Vastu Shastra, kitchen is the main root of all problems and its location is considered of utmost importance in Vastu. Wrong placement of kitchen and especially gas stove brings complications in family while the only solution Vastu provide is to change the position of gas stove. Vastu recommends to position kitchen and gas stove in appropriate direction so that the food prepared effect inmates in effective way instead leading to complications.

If we see other way around, incorrect kitchen lead to problems among women members and also create other various problems such as kitchen in South-west which is opposite end point of South-east (place of kitchen) discards the entrance of male member in family. Vastu held prominent significance for preparation of food at right place and direction in kitchen, because wrong placement eliminates the positive affects from food.

Direction for Kitchen Here are listed negative effects of making food in wrong direction:
  • Ideal placement for kitchen is South-east while if position of gas stove should be towards facing East. If the position of kitchen is in South-west then it has been observed that there is a dearth of male progeny in family.
  • Preparing food in wrong direction leads to problems among men such as persistent fever, diabetes and hypertension etc.
  • Women are most vulnerable to complications if kitchen is placed in wrong direction as it leads to knee or leg problem, back pain, stress and stomach problem such as indigestion etc.
  • Placing gas stove (fire element) and water source (water element) together symbolizes clashes and frequent quarrels at home among family members. So it is necessary to keep gas stove and water at distance.
  • Vastu recommends blocking the passage between the entrance and position of cooking with some glass, wood or curtain so that females do not have to endure problems like knee pain or back pain.
  • An alternative direction for the placement of kitchen is North-west zone and gas stove position should be Eastwards.

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