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Vastu Tips for Success

Vastu tips for success
Success is what everybody wants in every sphere of life and following Vastu rules is the way to succeed in life. Vastu compliant surroundings render all round success by making the living or workplace supportive. Eventually studies conducted in science retort positive surroundings of home and office contribute in success of inmates and workers. A place become positive with inflow of good vibes that usually comes from right direction.

A Vastu compliant workplace with everything at right place and direction can surely render desirable results. Vastu lays down some rules and principle which should be followed at home and workplace efficiently to yield effective results and ending success. Some basic tips of Vastu for success are:
  • Vastu Advice for SuccessNorth is the direction for unending success, development and growth, one should be conversant with this direction for over-all success in life.
  • Always face North or East while eating, working, sitting and watching TV etc.
  • Sleep with head towards South and foot towards North.
  • Do not obstruct the North-east and East region of your house or office. If there is any obstruction such as dumping stuff or junk material lying here, then clear it immediately.
  • Do not leave space in West and South and if your entrance is in West or South then ensure that there is no open space for balcony.
  • More space should be left in East and North so there is inflow of positive energy coming from morning sunlight.
  • In office workers should face North while working.
  • Workers should not sit under exposed beam. source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang

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